In this article, we share the story of Sahra, our 2019 second chance scholarship recipient.

Sahra's picture
Sahra, our 2019 second chance scholarship recipient

I have been eager to continue my studies in order to widen my skills and knowledge, but due to financial constraints I was not able to do so. This scholarship will give me a second chance and the hope of a brighter future. Thanks to it, I would have a broader knowledge in Accountings and Finance, becoming a self-reliant individual who can achieve her personal development goals.

I plan to support three sectors in my community to acquire the basic knowledge for improving citizens’ living standards and services:

Second chance scholarships for women: IMPACT ON communities

A second chance scholarship enable women to develop skills and assist their communities.

As a citizen of a community where women have limited knowledge of financial management and accountability, I will support the community by building the capacity of individual women with focus on those with limited education.

I will guide them to acquire skills in financial management and financial accountability, and teach them how to start a business. I will emphasize the importance of saving and help them develop income generating activities to provide for their basic needs. I believe life will gradually transform when all these plans will be successfully implemented.

Community based organizations/ associations:

Hands together.
Skilled individuals can become
great assets for communities as they
help them improve their operations.

Organizations and associations are the most effective institutions for the implementation of projects targeting community, since they are well aware of their community issues and could suggest solutions.

Since some problems cannot be solved without the external partners’ intervention, funding is also needed. However, all funding agents want to receive back a better accountability for the used resources and most community organizations do not have competent and skilled personnel to support the organization carry their activities in accordance with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, making it difficult for the Organization or Association to get support from investors. I would be willing to assist all those who request support in order to be able to improve their record keeping and reporting both internally and externally.

The Public Sector:

calculator used for accounting and finance
“I would be willing to assist
all those who request support
in order to be able to
improve their record keeping

and reporting both
internally and externally.”

The Public Sector in South Sudan is said to be the most corrupted system and I think some of this could be due to lack of capacity. I will focus more on the education sector to ensure that schools have the basic knowledge on how to manage the school’s resources rationally for intended purposes with clear evidence.

Over all, my intention is to have a transformed community through capacity building that targets strengthening women, guiding them to live independent lives, and become positive contributors to their community.

In conclusion, if the Asherah Foundation provides me with a second chance scholarship, I will demonstrate a similar example, showing my gratitude by supporting a few vulnerable students to complete their education.


Sahra is one of the Asherah Foundation’s outstanding recipients of 2019’s Second Chance Scholarship for women around the globe. Thank you for constantly supporting our fundraiser! We are happy to build Sahra’s dream together!

*For privacy purposes, the real name has been changed.

About us: The Asherah Foundation

Dedicated to providing Second Chance Scholarships to Women around the world, the Asherah Foundation helps women obtain a post-secondary credential. Learn how you could help us support more women, by checking our fundraiser or by contacting us.

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