Second chance scholarships give talented individuals the opportunity they need to change their lives.

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Sophia’s story, a pathway to a second chance scholarship

Falling behind my peers by a year was not an easy decision to make. Coming from this side of the world, where taking a gap year after high school graduation has become a thing of the past, not going to college immediately meant you either failed your exams or did not meet the requirements to be admitted into a university.

As such, when the time most university classes commence, rumours and names form on the lips of the people who lurk in the dark alleyways. One almost always sees someone pointing a finger at him, looking at him from head to toe – the face of societal disapproval.

One instantly loses respect and is often thought to have no potential. But little do they know of that student who does not shy away, but still walks boldly in the light of the day.

Facing financial issues

How painful it is to succeed at gaining admission into your dream school but failing to attend it due to dire financial need!

How heart-wrenching it is to make a decision that everyone thought was foolish, in pursuit of a wild dream they did not believe would materialise for you, only to look seemingly true with time.

My first chance of attending MSU slipped through my fingers when I did not qualify for the MasterCard Foundation Scholarship due to a missed deadline and incomplete submission of application documents. However, as its name already suggests, this scholarship will provide me with a second chance opportunity in that it is going to considerably help me obtain a bachelor’s degree at Michigan State University.

I do not consider myself unable to attend school this year, but my younger brother will be attending a local university this fall, so it will become difficult in the future.

I believe in women empowerment…

I believe in women empowerment and it is one of the reasons why I decided to pursue a career in a male-dominated field. I believe in the quote, ‘What a man can do, a woman can do it better’. This is not to say there will be no disparities between males and females but I believe that occupations should not be gender marginalised.

Africa has been my home for the whole 19 years of my life. I have never been outside the shores of Ghana, but I knew there is going to be a greater lot in store for me the moment I took the opportunity of schooling abroad.

How is it that Africa is the richest but poorest continent in the world? Simple. We are the wealthiest in natural resources but impoverished in GDP. This is because Africa lacks skilled labour and technical knowhow in efficiently exploiting her resources.

This problem I attribute not to the leaders of this day, but largely to the theory-based universities and education system in Africa! 

My vision

After obtaining my degree in mechanical engineering, I envision myself as being one of the game changers for Africa and whichever community I find myself in.

One of the few things I will like to do (in addition to the clichés of giving back to society) to benefit not only the Ghanaian community but the African one as well, is to establish research centres all over the continent, where basic and applied research will be conducted. It is through research that many universities have made discoveries and devised solutions to many of our everyday problems.

Through these research centres and affiliated programs that encourage innovation, little by little, we will be able to form structures and systems that will robustly enhance the development of Africa as well as solve its environmental problems and issues.


Sophia is one of Asherah Foundation’s outstanding applicants of 2017’s Second Chance Scholarship for women around the globe. Sophia studies in a male-dominated field in order to become one of tomorrow leaders’ that could give back to the African communities.

*For privacy purposes, the real name has been changed.

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