“Higher education is the strongest, sturdiest ladder to increased socio-economic mobility.” -Drew Faust, President Harvard University

Financial independence is a gateway to freedom. A large issue women face around the world is lack of financial freedom, which creates dependency upon spouses, family members or communities, leading to the inability to speak up against any injustices. At The Asherah Foundation, we believe that financial independence derives from education. Aside from the increase in job opportunities, an education can create liberation and confidence in individuals all around the world.

Uneducated women are typically left out of crucial decision-making processes that ultimately affect them and their rights, creating a cycle of women without education unable to change their rights to education. While the number of women entering primary, secondary and higher education globally is increasing, there are still significant barriers to the accessibility of education, created by poverty, ethnicity, geography, and culture.

Increasing the accessibility of education and encouraging women to obtain higher level degrees will lead to their fulfilling of higher-level positions. Women in higher positions gain authority, respect and higher pay. Receiving higher pay will create a level of economic freedom for these women, so that they may use their authority and respect to bring changes in their community, without fear of those they were previously dependent on. As more women follow this path, they can begin to advocate for others all around the world. When creating rules and laws concerning the rights of women, The Asherah Foundation believes that we must educate those that will be affected, so that they may have a say in their rights.

Furthermore, as we educate our women and help them gain financial independence, we can begin to combat issues such as domestic violence and sexism. As women gain confidence in the workplace, we can expect to see an improvement in their familial affairs, political stances, and communities. Educated women can establish their own political leadership, create systematic changes, improve the lives of their children and educate the rest of their society on the importance of feminism. The Asherah Foundation strongly believes that educating women leads to necessary socio-economic and political changes that will allow women to gain the respect and equality they deserve.

Consider giving to our cause, so that we can continue to support women around the world on their journey with education:

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