The Asherah Foundation’s 2017 applicant pool had 96 applicants! In order to understand more about our applicants, we have performed a statistical analysis.

Our 2017 applicants are global citizens, representing 39 different countries all across the world, which is displayed in figure one below.

2017 applicant pool graph one.pngFigure one: Home country of each applicant

We had 40 applicants from different areas across Africa. There were 4 women from southern Africa, 8 from northern Africa, 9 from western Africa and 19 from eastern Africa (mostly Uganda)! Our second largest pool of women was from Asia, spread across countries in the Middle East and south and west Asia, with a total of 38 applicants. The Asherah Foundation heard the stories of wonderful women from many different countries, including India, Pakistan, Lebanon and Syria.

Though Africa had ahigher applicant pool than Asia, the individual country with the highest number of applicants was Palestine, with a total of 10 outstanding women. Additionally, we received applications from women in the USA, Jamaica, Belize, Belgium and Italy. Overall, the Asherah Foundation is extremely pleased with the diversity of our outreach to women all around the world.

Our next analysis (displayed in figure two) was of the types of degrees being pursued by these impressive women.

2017 applicant pool graph two.png

Figure two: degree type

The majority of these women are pursuing graduate degrees to further their education, with 11 moving on to doctorate degrees. The Asherah Foundation was incredibly inspired by the dedication and commitment these women have to their education.

Third, after looking at their home countries and types of degrees, The Asherah Foundation was curious to see what countries these women will be pursuing their education in, shown in figure three.

Screen Shot 2017-09-07 at 7.03.36 PM.png

Figure three: the countries our applicants will study in

Many of our 2017 applicants intend to study in USA, the United Kingdom, and Palestine, and the rest are spread out across 27 other countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.

The Asherah foundation also wanted to explore the different subject areas that are being studied (figure four).

2017 applicant pool graph 3.png

Figure four: majors of study

There are 29 different subject areas, with the five highest percentages in science, business and finance, education, management, and medicine. The sciences are the highest at 12%. The sciences encompasses various fields, including physics, biomedical sciences, computer science, and chemistry. The Asherah Foundation is proud to share the stories and promote the successof our sisters around the world.

Finally, The Asherah Foundation would like to recognize the different age groups that are present in our 2017 applicant pool (figure 5).2017 applicant pool graph four.png

Figure five: range of ages

The ages of our applicants range from the youngest being 18 years old to the oldest being 52 years old. The most common age of our applicants is 26. We are excited to see such a broad range of ages that are continuing their education, following their dreams and creating a greater world for all of us.

Overall, The Asherah Foundation is overwhelmingly excited to see our outreach and mission growing to cover an abundance of countries, fields of study and ages. We are ecstatic to find a growth in recognition of the importance of supporting women globally, in the pursuit of education. With every application that our team receives, we are one step closer to a world that encourages our sisters to live out their passions. We are eager to find out what marvelous women our 2018 applicant pool will hold!

Interested in contributing to women around the world in their pursuit of higher education? Click on either link below:

Give a second chance to go to school!

Support our sisters!

Follow us below to hear these women’s individual stories:


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