• Heather MacCleoud

The Asherah Foundation is proud to announce the winners of the 2016 Second Chance Scholarship for Women around the World: Sindia Palominos Moreno (Instituto Profesional Los Leones, Chile) and Amani Jebril (Birzeit University, Palestine)

Sindia Palominos Moreno
Degree: Preschool Education

Institution: Instituto Profesional Los Leones

sindia“I come from a family of 8, with limited resources, where there was no money to pay for higher education. As a result my siblings and I (I am the 5th one) had to leave our town (Curacautin, 9th region of Chile) at an early age in search of new opportunities. This is why I started to work to pay for my expenses and to be able to live…

I continued my studies but shortly discovered I was pregnant, surprisingly with twins, I had no relatives who could care for them while I continued my studies…so since I could not count with that assistance I had to stop my studies to care for my daughters for a year and return to it when they were old enough for daycare. The time passed and I went to the university asking to be reinstated, however, the classes were held during hours that I needed to be home with my daughters…

Presently I am preparing my thesis (the last step to finish my studies) but, I have the 2016 debt which I have not been able to pay, since my husband’s salary cannot pay our house hold expenses, children’s expenses, studies, etc. This is why I am appealing to you, I only need to pay for 2016and I will be a Professional Educator, a career that I love. To educate, teach and guide children, the future of this country, is an arduous task, difficult and complex, but that with love and passion for what you do, can be achieved.” (English Translation)

Amani Jebril amani
Degree: Water & Environmental Science
Institution: Birzeit University

“During the past few years, I noticed the deterioration in my country…in issues of environmental pollution and shortage of water resources caused by several reasons including serious weaknesses in the management of water resources.

And I noticed a problem documented by many feminist studies in the areas of environment and water, is that women and children are the most affected by water scarcity and pollution of the environment. And that the resulting tragedies are mounting.

Hence I decided to go to (step 2) in the interest of the environment and waters from simple ideas that are destined for the school environment, to scientific and academic specialization in this area, with the aim of doing studies and projects related to water, energy and the environment, and which take into account the reality of drastically and needs of women in Palestine, especially the poor and marginalized.” (English Translation)

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